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Womens Health Slim Calm Sexy Yoga


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Product Description

Inside this book is the secret to a new you. A slimmer, calmer, sexier you.The secret? A revolutionary approach to the traditional practice of yoga. Study after study has shown that yoga offers a multitude of benefits for today’s stressed out, busy woman, including a trimmer body, stronger immunity, lower blood pressure, improved mood, better sex and more! In this comprehensive manual, you’ll find more than 200 body-shaping and life-changing yoga poses, meditations, breathing exercises and unique 15-minute routines crafted by yoga superstar Tara Stiles. In Slim Calm Sexy Yoga you’ll discover how just 15 minutes of yoga a day can help you:

- Sculpt a sexy silhouette
- Control diet-busting cravings
- Banish stress for good
- Amp up your sexual satisfaction
- Get smooth, glowing skin
- Sleep better, stay healthy and have through-the-roof energy

This easy-to-follow illustrated guide to the transformative powers of yoga guarantees a total lifestyle makeover. Let Slim Calm Sexy Yoga be your blueprint for a brand-new you!