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Women’s Health Ultimate Guide To Yoga


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Product Description

Get a Hot yoga Body!
It’s no secret that yoga can help you sculpt a fit, fierce physique – yoga devotees like Jennifer Aniston are proof of that. But you don’t need to move to Hollywood or hire a personal instructor to reap the benefits of yoga: a slim and sexy silhouette, a calm mind, and a healthy body. This guide is full of innovative routines, smart tips, expert techniques, and delicious recipes to help you build a strong practice – and a strong body – regardless of your yoga experience.

Inside you’ll find…
- How to sort through many types of yoga to find one that suits you
- Quick routines that fit perfectly into your crazy-busy schedule
- Step-by-step directions to help you master challenging poses
- Yoga cures for everyday ailments from headaches to PMS
- Foods to slash fat, improve your mood, and boost your libido